Pramiracetam Review: Benefits, Side Effects And Where to Buy Pramiracetam

3d brainIf you are considering taking pramiracetam for congnitive enhacement this Pramiracetam review will help you to get started.

Pramiracetam is derived from a common parent racetam, Piracetam and was created during the 1970’s in Belgium.

In many states, it’s approved for medical use and prescribed for several medical conditions as well as for general purposes. Pramiracetam is more potentant racetam than Piracetam, as is estimated to be 15-30 times more powerful in potency.



Pramiracetam is known under the chemical name,

[N-[2-[bis(1-methylethyl)amino]ethyl]-2 oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide sulfate]

Pramiracetam mechanism of action pretty similar to other racetams and is  among the newer nootropics in the racetam family.

It is believed to influence the Glutamate (Cholinergic) and especially, the ACh (Acetylcholine) receptor sites by enhancing reuptake of choline and efficiency of their channels.

Pramiracetam seemingly has a high affinity in influencing choline uptake into the hippocampus. Other regions of the cerebral cortex does not  appear to be changed by the substance.

Pramiracetam has a really unique way of actions in hippocampal Acetylcholine turnover. It may be a common culprit for causing headaches and tiredness because of ACh receptor “burn out“.

A typical method to avoid this would be to supplement with Alpha GPC to be able to increase the level of acetylcholine available in the brain. This is merely a theory but studies have demonstrated Pramiracetam to have a unique function on these hippocampal ACh receptors.



pramiracetam effects

Its  effects appear to strictly relate to nootropic functions only. Stress or mood  don’t appear to be affected due to small effect of the drug on mood modulating receptors and their various compounds (Dopamine, Serotonin and GABA).

Reports will likely vary on the encounters with Pramiracetam but general consensus is that it has some  powerful nootropic effects.


  • Complete Improved Cognition
  • Higher Sensory Perception
  • Improved Working/Long-Term Memory
  • Increased Learning
  • Increased Focus
  • Advanced Rational/Technical Thinking
  • Boosts Creativity.


These are just some of the effects that are generally detected in Pramiracetam.

Reports on sites and forums may actually reveal Pramiracetam’s complex effects on the Acetylcholine system. Common reports seem to reveal heightened sensory awareness as well as enhanced thinking.

Often, it’s depicted as being able to reduce “mental blocks” which would allow it to be a true learning nutritional supplement.

One downside to Pramiracetam is the cost. The procedure to synthesize the chemical is more complicated and takes more steps than with other racetams.

Potency of Pramiracetam as when compared with other nootropic racetams helps make up in this place.

Additionally, many people simply use Pramiracetam in “times of need” rather than using it as an everyday material to help offset these costs.




Pramiracetam has been considered to be generally safe but there are few possible alpha1pramiracetam side effects you should cautious about. You has to be more cautious when administering Pramiracetam in higher doses and there’s an increased danger of overdose.

There have been no reports of overdose leading to severe side-effects or fatalities yet this doesn’t mean that it cannot happen.

Reducing your intake and assessing your susceptibility before administration will frequently help reduce these hazards. Also, as stated above, supplementing with choline is highly recommended with this material.Head aches and fatigue will likely result from a deficiency of available choline within the body.


  • Head Aches
  • Fatigues
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nervousness


These issue seems to crop up only when taken in higher doses or in people who are hyper-sensitive to the material. Testing you sensitivity before use and averting high dosing practices will reduce these possibilities.

It is still best to discuss with a medical practitioner before you use although there only few drug interactions with Pramiracetam. As always, never use these nutritional supplements if you are breastfeeding or pregnant as it may impact the growth of your infant.


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