Oxiracetam Experience , Reviews And Where To Buy

oxracetam reviewSo you have come to know about oxiracetam or maybe read an oxiracetm experience by a user and perhaps considering using it for cognitive enhancement. If you alread know about oxiracetam, its dosage information, oxiracetam stacks etc then scroll down to the end of the article to read about oxiracetam experience and reviews by users if not, read on you will find some useful information.

As you start using  Oxiracetam you will start to notice significant improvements  in learning and memory, improved attention and quicker recall and focus. Just what you are looking for!

Ok, just read on. By the end of this article you will learn all what you need to know about this racetam.

Oxiracetam is a more potent racetam than  Piracetam,  with somewhat similar effects.

There are, however, some major differences between both nootropic supplements supplements, particularly with regards to their effects for encouraging focus and attentiveness.


It’s less studied than Piracetam, but has been demonstrated to be quite safe and generally well-tolerated in variety of users.

Having said this, it truly is important to constantly follow the dosage recommendations when trying out a brand new nutritional supplement.



  • Piracetam Oxiracetam Stack
  • Aniracetam And Oxiracetam Stack


Many users appear to favor the Piracetam Oxiracetam Stack , when you take Oxiracetam you will start to notice more stronger effects than Piracetam.

Obviously this can be also true for Piracetam, although these effects may not last as long and generally take longer to show up.

Both these nutritional supplements can be stacked together. This would be helpful to individuals who are seeking both improved cognitive effects and enhanced sensory perception. Both  Oxiracetam and  Piracetam will work synergistically.alpha1


These two supplements are more stronger than Piracetam. Compared to each other, they both appear to be about precisely the same strength.

Actually, both these supplements are quite similar with regards to their effects. Although Aniracetam appear to be a little better in this regard they both have stress reduction as a major benefit.

Oxiracetam usually has a stimulating effect on users, although this can vary.

It comes down to personal choice. Why not attempt each of them?

Our recommendation would be to do a test by taking each one of them, without stacking, for two followed a complete seven days layoff from all nootropics. Subsequently, is it will be  possible for you  to decide which works better and how you are effected by each one.


It is inadvisable to start things off with Pramiracetam; after you have already tried the other members of the racetam family only take this supplement.

The primary difference in both these supplements is simply the potency. Pramiracetam is a really strong nootropic in nature, supplying many cognitive advantages for example increased learning capacity , improved memory and quicker recall, and even enhanced mental fluidity, attention, focus and clarity.

Oxiracetam also provides all these, but with less power. Although Pramiracetam has been understood to raise motivation considerably they both also can have a stimulating effect.


Recomended oxiracetam dosage is approximately 1200 mg – 2400 mg, it is always advised to start at a lower dose.


The oxiracetam half life is about 8 hours, but it can differ from person to person.



Oxiracetam has not been extensively researched like other popular Racetam nootropics, so oxiracetam experience and reviews published by users can give you a good idea how this nootropic works. Given below are few Oxiracetam experience  and reviews published by users at Peaknootropics, go to peaknootropics.com/shop/oxiracetam to read similar reviews
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So in conclusion Oxiracetam is good choice to your stack, while it is potent enough to be taken singly it is better to stack with other racetams.