Coluracetam Review : Benefits,Side Effects and Where To Buy

coluracetam reviewColuracetam belongs to the racetam family. It is often touted for its effects on anxiety and manic depression and for its memory boosting effects. Coluracetam review by users also state that it has an effect on eyesight.

Although Coluracetam is primarily connected with these effects, it’s also been reported to boost optic properties (although on-going studies are needed to identify the exact mechanisms behind this).


After obtaining the trademark from Mitsubishi Tanabe, BrainCells Inc. immediately began testing the effects of Coluracetam.

Most of these evaluations were conducted on rats instead as there weren’t enough participants to participate in clinical trials for Coluracetam.

From these tests, Coluracetam was shown to markedly enhance learning, memory and reduce anxiety.

Coluracetam is demonstrated to enhance memory and cognitive function in rats, and in human beings, the same results are expected in theory. These rats were set through the standardized Morris Water Maze to indicate their skill to get through it, and up to 72 hours after the last 8mg dose, they were capable of doing it.


Another crucial break through form this study was that the results were identical even 3 days after the last dose, although the serum concentration of Coluracetam was insignificant.


Coluracetam For Depression and Stress

BrainCells Inc, found that a dosage of 240mg (split into three daily doses of 80mg) was useful in treating major depression co-morbid with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).

However, the differences were most marked in those who didn’t find relief in using standard antidepressants. After one dose, there were no noticeable differences, but after 2 doses at 80mg, 36% had improved scores during a depression evaluation test.


Coluracetam Effect on Eyesight

Coluracetam has been associated with optic benefits like increased color vision and vividness. Specialists consider that Coluracetam works in the part of the brain that runs visual processes, although there isn’t any conclusive evidence to support the mechanisms behind this benefit.

However many anectodal reports on forums claim to have had this benefits, and same is in the cas of noopept.

Coluracetam Mechanism Of Action

Like most racetam compounds, Coluracetam increases choline uptake, but it also raises uptake in damaged neurons. Especially, Coluracetam socializes with the HACU process, which is in charge of absorbing choline into the neurons. This increased uptake occurs during the Acetylcholine synthesis process.

A bigger quantity is converted into Acetylcholine, since choline preservation enhances during this procedure. This leads to increased memory, focus and alertness.

It really is important to notice here, that these advantages were only seen in areas with previously diminished neurons, not in areas with normally functioning neurons.

Coluracetam is, in addition, shown to enhance AMPA potentiation, which is a procedure that activates cognitive function and alertness.

Although Coluracetam interacts with choline transporters also, there’sn’t enough signs to clarify what occurs after the interaction, or why or how this interaction happens.



Coluracetam Dosage

There aren’t any recommended human coluracetam dosage since the study subjects were rats, but there is a general guideline for conversion.

By using allometric scaling, the dose becomes 2.9 mg/kg in people, so the average dose should not exceed 203.5 mg daily for someone in a typical weight class.

There’sn’t very much information to signal toxicity of Coluracetam, although doses given at the preceding increments showed no negative side effects. You’ll reduce this risk by stacking  Coluracetam with a good choline source like Alpha GPC.

Stacking Coluracetam

Like most Racetams, Coluracetam stacks well with a choline source, including Alpha GPC, for cognitive advantages and added memory.

The recommended doses for supplemental choline is 300 mg to 600 milligrams daily if you’re stacking with Alpha GPC and 250 mg to 750 milligrams daily if you’re using CDP Choline.

Coluracetam Review By Users

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coluracetam review by users

Where to Buy Coluracetam

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That being said, there are studies indicating that it may be rather powerful yet more research is needed. But there is no issues in trying it out, but if you are new to Nootropics it is wise to stick to popular, well researched nootropics like Noopept, Piracetam and Alpha GPC.