Long Term Effects Of Nootropics – Advice For Proper Usage

what are the long term effectsof nootropics

Nootropics are an excellent way to keep you calm and focused for extended periods of time. It has so many benefits that it is hard to ignore once you get to know about it. Its ability to enhance memory and learning has made it a favorite among students but many are still unaware of long term effects of nootropics .

Luckily for you there are plenty of information you can find on the internet about nootropic supplements, dosage, half life and how to use. And also there hand full of trusted online stores to buy from. You can find almost anything you want know about these supplements  on the internet. But there is a question that is often left unanswered : What are the long term effects of nootropics ?

What are the long term effects of Nootropics ?

Most of us think of nootropics as drugs, and drugs comes with long term effects and also many side effects. But nootropics actually are supplements, supplements for your  brain. It is something that is taken to make your brain function more efficiently. Contrary to popular belief it is not something  that will make you a genius or increase your capacity to retain information, what it actually does is, it enhances what is already in you and nothing more and but what is already in you is more than enough to help you achieve whatever you want in life.

Most common side effects of nootropics are dizziness and headache. And with regard to long term effects of nootropics there isn’t any reliable human studies. Piracetam is an exception to this. But the right question you should as yourself is:  Do I Need Nootropics For Long Term ? Do I Need the Aid Of a Supplement to Live My Life To The Fullest ? Once you get the answer for these questions you will never need nootropics for long term. So why worry about long term effects of nootropics ?

Use Nootropics As Vehicle To Discover the Hidden YOU

effects of nootropics

You can use nootropics as an aid to take you to  the next level. That is using nootropics for some specific period of time, preferably 2 – 3 months. Nootropics can help you discover a hidden you, a “you” who is happy, calm, relaxed, more confident, more productive and more motivated. Once you discover this hidden ‘you’ you will strive to be this hidden ‘you’, that is , in my opinion, is the point of using nootropics. If you intend to use nootropics as a “hack” then you just fooling yourself.

What you should focus on is unlocking your brain by discovering the password, not by hacking it

Using Nootropics will help you understand or realize your true potential, and once you realise this, you will always try to be in this state, with or without nootropics. This will eventually make this state your “normal state”, this should be your ultimate goal in taking nootropics. So in this case nootropics is a priceless “tool”.

Nootropics Can Be Used To Form New Habits

“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habbits; habbits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.” Tony Edwards

If You have read Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, you already know the importance of good habits. So how do you use nootropics to form new habits? Well, according to research, when you do something continuously and consistently for 21 days it soon becomes a habit, you will be able do that with no resistance at all. So my advice here is, you can focus on developing some new habit (one at a time) when you are under nootropics, it can be waking up early, positive thinking, eating habits etc whatever it is, it is very easy to devolop these habbits when you are under nootropics.

So at the end of the period under nootropics you will be a changed person with many new million dollar habits.

Are You A Late Riser ? – A Secret Tip To Rid Yourself from this Bad Habit Using Nootropics

So at what time do you want to wake up ? 6:00 AM ? Okay, this is what you should do. Set the alarm for 5:45 AM, and before sleeping keep a cafffeine capsule and a glass of water near your bed. When the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM wake up, take in the cafffeine capsule and sleep again. Yes! Sleep again!. By 6:00 AM caffeine will start its work and you will be wide awake naturally at 6:oo AM. Got it?

This just one creative technique to use nootropics to form new habits, you can come up with numerous other ideas for various other nootropics. Got any questions? Comment below I will be more than happy to help you out.