Citicoline Benefits, Side Effects and Where to Buy Citicoline Online


Citicolin, also called CDP Choline,  cytidine or citicoline -diphosphate choline, is a powerful nootropic supplement known for its ability to enhance memory and protect the brain against memory loss. Citicoline benefits are numerous.

Recent studies indicate that it may be a useful treatment for  medical problems, ranging from stroke, head injuries, and neurodegenerative ailments to even cocaine dependence, attention deficit disorder, and glaucoma.

For nootropic users, among the most fascinating facets of supplementing with a choline source including CDP Choline is undoubtedly its ability to amplify and enhance the effects of other nootropic nutritional supplements.

It works with racetam class nootropics, substantially potentiating the effects of memory boosters like pramiracetam and piracetam, while effectively preventing the minor but annoying pains that are common side effects connected with all racetams.

CDP choline, for nootropics users, are considered the most effective choline supplements along with alpha GPC and centrophenoxine.


Citicoline is a powerful nootropic supplement that potentiates other nootropics and works on its own to improve many aspects of cognition and brain health. Given below is a list of citicoline benefits ;

  • Memory Improvement:

CDP Choline is maybe best known for its ability to improve memory and prevent memory loss. It’s often related to anti-aging and has been examined as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Keeping peak mental energy is important for everyone, from students facing examinations to older individuals facing the mental slow down frequently related to aging. Clinical trials show that CDP Choline has a major positive effect on mental energy, mitigating the cognitive declines and raising frontal lobe bioenergetics.

  • Better Focus and Concentration:

CDP choline can increase the ability to focus for longer periods with less distraction, an essential for finishing any complex task, mastering a new skill, or for analyzing skills. Studies reveal that this is true even in the case of serious ailments including;

  • Stroke
  • Brain injury
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Potentiating and Amplifying Racetam Nootropics:

Many users consider CDP Choline a must have in any nootropic stack.


alpha1Unlike many nootropics, CDP choline’s actions and processes are well understood and mechanisms of action have been extensively analyzed.

Though it does feature some choline it isn’t classified as a cholinergic because it is not made of choline but is a compound that also contains cytidine.

It’s water soluble and is easily consumed when administered orally .

The cytidine is converted into uridine, a nucleotide base that’s important to neural membrane synthesis and is believed to enhance cognition. The released choline acts as a cholinergic, raising levels of choline in the brain.

Citicoline Stacks : Interaction with Racetam Class Nootropics

CDP choline’s post-absorption action as a cholinergic makes it an ideal complement to racetam nootropics, which uses up lot of  choline for their brain-enhancing functions.

Choline is the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is absolutely vital to many aspects of cognitive function, memory and particularly learning.

Racetam class nootropics like piracetam are considered compounds that increase the production and release of acetylcholine by stimulating the appropriate neurotransmitter receptor sites.

This increased production and release of acetylcholine creates essential cognitive enhancements, ranging from better memory to quicker recall, clearer thinking, better focus, and improved sensory perceptions.

Furthermore, the minor but irritating side effects  that are occasionally linked with racetam use are mostly attributable to inadequate choline.

For these reasons many  nootropic users supplement with a choline source like alpha GPC or CDP Choline .



CDP choline is so well tolerated. A daily cumulative Citicoline Dosage of anywhere from 250 to 1000 mg, either in a single dose or in two doses is generally considered powerful and safe.

Interestingly, an MIT study demonstrates the effects a dose of 4000 mg were not measurably different from those of a 2000 mg dose, which seems to suggest there is little value in taking very high doses.

CDP choline is available in powder and capsule form. It’s water soluble and the body absorbs as much as 95% of an oral dose.


Clinical trials and studies reveal that Citicoline has recorded no serious  Citicoline side effects , even at high doses.

Toxicological evaluations have demonstrated that it has no serious effects on the cholinergic system. Indigestion, headache, insomnia, and diarrhea have been reported as potential side effects.


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CDP choline is a superb addition to any nootropic stack. On its own it’s a proven memory enhancer, known to enhance recall and prevent against memory loss related to aging, sickness and injury.

It provides clearer thought, better focus and increased mental energy. In combination with other nootropics it’s acts as a potentiator, and it creates synergistic effects that take cognitive improvement to a level that neither nootropic supplement could reach without the other when piled with racetams in particular.

Though high doses aren’t crucial to achieving optimal results, CDP choline has been demonstrated to be exceptionally well tolerated at high doses. There are no documented serious side effects and it’s approved for medical treatment in Europe and Japan.

CDP choline is an affordable, readily accessible nutritional supplement that’s a powerful and rapidly becoming popular. CDP choline is a choline source worth trying if you need to get the most out of your nootropic stacks.