Phenibut Review for Axiety and Sleep: Effects, Side Effects and Where To buy

benefits of phenibutPhenibut effects works differently compared to typical nootropics. Most Nootropics boost mental energy as a way to improve focus and memory.  Like other nootropics, Phenibut improves cognition but in addition reduces pressure and anxiety.

Many Phenibut reviews include statements that users experience increased feelings  well being, and calmness.

Phenibut was initially developed in Russia and was derived from GABA, a potent neurotransmitter that is thought to be primarily accountable for triggering sleep and stress reduction.




This seemingly small modification creates a version of GABA which is capable to readily cross the blood brain barrier. Minus the phenyl molecule, GABA nutritional supplements cannot cross this barrier and affect the brain’s receptors. This makes GABA nutritional supplements alone largely unsuccessful as it commonly must be synthesized in the brain.

Therefore Phenibut works in areas where GABA supplements cannot because Phenibut crosses the BBB so easily. As soon as Phenibut crosses the barrier, it loses the phenyl group molecule, converting it into GABA, which will be then capable to bind to GABA receptor sites in exactly the same way as GABA that is synthesized in the brain.

GABA is important to those suffering from anxiety and high levels of stress. This neurotransmitter is believed to be largely responsible for changing “off” neurons when they become too excited or hyperstimulated.

When too many of the neurons begin firing at exactly the same time, the result is tension and anxiety. Anxiety disorders are thought to be an effect of neurons which are unable to cease fire. GABA is the brain’s manner of checking this task, reducing neural stimulation and thus reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress.

No wonder most reviews say that this supplement is quite effective at controlling anxiety and related symptoms.



Many users swear by the effectiveness of this supplement in easing nervousness, reducing social anxiety, treating depression, lowering social anxiety, and generally helping them to relax and enjoy themselves.

Some users take it late in the afternoon or evening to help them get to sleep easier and to help them sleep longer. Some even report it boosts lucid dreaming.

Phenibut  effects and benefits are similar to nootropics. Phenibut can help boost concentration, increase learning capacity, lengthen attention span, sharpen focus, improve memory, and even enhance decision making skill.

Even those who have trouble with cognitive or memory  find Phenibut effects powerful.

In Russia and various other European nations, it is frequently prescribed as a sleep aid or to alleviate stress. In accordance with reviews, Phenibut is generally safe when taken as directed and is well-tolerated by most.

Phenibut has been a standard part of the Russian Cosmonauts well-being since the early 1970s as a result of its ability to reduce anxiety without interfering with cognitive performance.


phenibut capsules

While the kind you select is up to you, the powder is absorbed more rapidly so it reaches the central nervous system quicker. This really is particularly important to bear in mind should you be using the nutritional supplement to improve your sleep.

It typically takes an hour or so for the effects of Phenibut to be felt, so whatever helps you get quicker results worth every penny.

It may take a week or two for Phenibut to build on the body before it supplies maximum effects while you’ll feel some results several hours after taking the supplement.

Though exactly how long it lasts will be determined by numerous factors that are hard to call when Phenibut starts to kick in, the effects could continue into the following day.

Some users say that they have experienced more intense and pleasurable orgasms while taking Phenibut in addition to a feeling of relaxation and generalized calm.

Reviews of Side Effects and Risks

You have to be aware of the possible side effects this nutritional supplement may cause before you get in a hurry to purchase your Phenibut.

User reviews suggests that Phenibut is regarded as safe and is well-tolerated in most individuals, there have been reports of decreased hunger, fatigue, increased sweating, and agitation.

You may develop a tolerance to it if you take Phenibut every day and it is going to become less effective over time

If you’ve been using Phenibut for some time and you desire to quit, you are strongly advised to decrease the dosage slowly over the course of a few weeks so you can avert any withdrawal symptoms.

It is always a great idea to consult a medical professional before you start taking Phenibut.

However Phenibut is thought to be one of the safest, if used as directed. It is usually unwise to blend Phenibut with other GABA arousing compounds, although no reports are made regarding this. (This is despite the fact that some Phenibut reviews might recommend this to create some sort of a “high” effect. It really is way too dangerous to attempt.) As with any nutritional supplement, you should speak to a doctor if you’re thinking about trying it.


phenibut dosage informationThe recommended daily  Phenibut dosage  is between

200 and 500 mg. This may be broken up into multiple smaller doses throughout the day depending your reason for taking it.

Smaller doses will be taken by some users early in the day to reduce jitters or any anxiety due to caffeine, and take higher doses if neccessary later in the afternoon or evening to combat sleeplessness.

As with any nootropic, it is recommended to start with lower doses and increase slowly just after you understand how it’ll impact you.


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