About Us


At NFA (nootropicsforall.com) we believe the safe and informed use of supplements can be a tool to improve health, mental and physical performance and support an optimal state of well-being. We are aware that there are no miracle pills or quick fixes.

Our mission is to explain the science of supplements in a way that is both scientifically informed and accessible. We strive to provide research-backed content and responsibly review the effectiveness of a supplement to tell you if it works, how it works, and how it can help.

Whether an Ayurvedic herb used for thousands of years or a novel nootropic, our goal is the same: provide high-quality information that helps consumers make informed decisions about their health and take control of what they’re putting in their bodies.

NFA  is designed to complement, not replace, the information from your healthcare practitioner. Every article is a starting point and we will continue to strive toward providing high-quality information to our readers.

This goal is not limited to the science of supplements, but also in providing guidance on how to be a smart consumer. Being informed about the supplement industry does not only mean understanding the science.

We want to help inform consumers about how to buy from reputable manufacturers so they get what they pay for and nothing else – no harmful fillers or mislabeled ingredients.

We seek to partner with high-quality vendors who provide Certificates of Authenticity, do rigorous ingredient testing and manufacture according to good practice standards.

Supplements are a rapidly developing industry that brings together the ancient histories of traditional medicines and the advancements of modern science.

Manoeuvring the complexities of this world can be difficult and it’s best if we do it together: that’s why we have created spaces for readers to share their own experiences and reviews of supplements. We encourage readers to weigh in on what works and what doesn’t so we can strive for optimal health together.

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